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Visit to Lai Chau

Lai Chau

Site visit was made to Lai Chau to review progress and to assess the performance of the RCC to… View More

Visit to Middle Vaitarna dam

Middle Vaitarna dam

Site visit was made to the nearly-complete Middle Vaitarna dam at which the RCC had been completed for 18 months to assess the performance to date. Essentially there was very little seepage of any… View More

Visit to the Ghatghar Lower dam

Lower dam at Ghatghar

Site visit was made to the completed Lower dam at Ghatghar to review the performance of the dam some seven years after completion. It was found to be in excellent condition and all the galleries were bone dry as was the downstream… View More

Visit to Oslo for Çetin dam

Çetin dam

Visit to Oslo to assess the potential of an RCC alternative for the Çetin dam in… View More

Visit to Shahpurkandi


Site visit to Shahpurkandi to review progress of the RCC… View More