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Lower Churchill Project HEP

Attendance at the Full-Scale Trials for the North Dam at Muskrat… View More

Dasu HEP

The bids for the two main Contracts for the construction of the Dasu HEP were opened, MW–01 for the dam itself and MW–02 for the tunnels and Power… View More

San Vicente Dam Raise

A visit was made to the San Vicente Dam Raise to review the dam four years after the last RCC had been placed in the… View More

Lower Churchill Project HEP

A visit was made to St John's to further discuss the construction methodology proposed by the Contractor and the lessons learned from previous RCC dams using slip-formed facing elements (e.g. Upper… View More

Teesta Low Dam Stage IV HEP

After a number of years on hold, the last RCC was placed in the closure dam of the Teesta Low Dam Stage IV Project in West Bengal,… View More